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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Matchbox unveils its second Mercedes Benz...

You had to figure the Unimog was coming.

When Matchbox let it be known that Mercedes was back, there were two models that seemed fresh for a return.  One is the SLR McLaren, which we hope to see soon.  The other is the fantastic Unimog U300, and sure enough, it is back:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on

The Jurassic World series is coming soon, and this is the second model we know of, joining the Explorer:

So far, that is a great series.  Makes you wonder if this one has a Jurassic Future:


  1. Glad to see the Unimog back but not keen on the Jurassic World look. Hopefully it will be issued in the basic range in a plain color scheme with no wacky tampos.

  2. Matchbox is at its best with suv's and wagons the jurassic park model proves it

  3. Perhaps this generation of real Unimog is ending in production........

  4. Brilliant! But does this meant there will be more Mercedes new models from the Jurassic Park movie? ML-class anyone? Or GLA?

  5. .....can someone pist a pic with this unimog with the ORIGINAL from 1966?

  6. Glad the Unimog is back, but as for JP--not again. I too hope it has a mainline release later on with a normal paint scheme--non JP. The 4x4 Scrambulance was better, as the Unimog in the film was an ambulance, not a pickup.

    The Jurassic Park line in my area is still on the shelves--they can't sell them, no one wants them. In fact, one store replaced 3/4 of their mainline pegs with what didn't sell (which had been on an endcap).

    It would have helped the sales of the line in the first place if the Mercedes license had been secured again back before the line came out, as Mercedes had a huge product placement in the film, and it wouldn't have been a pegwarmer. Hopefully, the Mercedes license helps these models move better.