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Friday, May 6, 2016

Matchbox unveils two more 2016 models on Instagram, and they look good...

Matchbox has been rolling out the sneaks on their Instagram feed, and two more dropped this week:

First, orange is the new black on the F-Type:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on

And a very sharp blue on the CTS Coupe:

A photo posted by @matchboxworld on

It is nice to see the realistic models rolling out, especially in realistic colors.  I loved the F-Type in black, but it is even better in orange.  And while nothing will top the black 10-pack CTS Coupe with orange rims a few years ago, this blue is sharp.  It does make me long for the CTS Wagon casting, which I hope we see again soon.

For now, I will happily add both to the collection.  More sneaks are bound to come, so follow the Matchbox IG feed if you haven't already...

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