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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


grab the Sub at Wheel Collectors
The TV Batmobile, the A-Team Van, the Ecto-1, the Mystery Machine, the Mars Rover, and a slew of others.

We have seen quite a few of these "beyond the Hot Wheels collector" models, and the latest is just flat out the coolest.  Cartoon Beatles with their cartoon sub is a Hot Wheels licensing coup.

All that said I need to slip over away from what I collect.  I don't collect movie cars, unless of course that movie car is a cool car.  But I am adding this one to the outskirts of the collection.  Not loose, but as a carded model.  Because, yeah, this is one what does not need to be opened.  The model is neat, but having the Beatles on a Hot Wheels card is cooler.

So this one goes into a Sterling Protector and stays.  Because this sub with ripped-away Beatles faces just doesn't do it for me:

Drat.  Yeah, DLM doesn't apply here.

Not much to say about the model.  It is well done, and it rolls.  No idea if it floats, but submarines aren't supposed to float anyway.  Well, maybe submarines created by a drug trip are, so test to your heart's content.

So enjoy the Yellow Submarine.  So far it is coming one per case.  That means Hot Wheels collectors vs Beatles collectors.  Where's the popcorn?

(Avoid the crowds and grab the Sub at Wheel Collectors, just remember there are some Fab Four fans bidding against you...)


  1. I was on the blog and I refreshed as you posted this.. I would be very happy to find this model. I still can't find the bmw csl after weeks of searching. I'm not even a Beatles fanatic, but these weird castings are great to collect.

  2. I love it! I must buy two, one for my collection and other for my father, he's a The Beatles fanatic.

  3. I am hoping to pick one or two up for my dad, as he is a child of the 50s and 60s and grew up on the Beatles.

  4. Big Beatles fan. I was sick of Hot Wheels with random Marios & other pop culture stuff printed on them, as they made no sense. Do love this though. They should do right by Mario next & release some Mario Kart cars. ;)

  5. Really, really nice model. Kudos to Mattel for making it.

  6. Really, really nice model. Kudos to Mattel for making it.

  7. It's nothing I'd pay a scalper to get but I'd buy it if I saw it in stores.

    I'm more interested in getting the Morris Mini and the Volkswagen Kool Kombi from that Beatles special series which I never saw at Walmart in Ottawa.

  8. Only managed to find two of these and not on the pegs but in a dump bin of all places. After going through several cases and with no luck, it would appear other collectors had got in before me. I'll be keeping one for myself and the other one that I popped onto Trade Me for a $1 Reserve is up to $21 with 4 days to auction closing!

  9. Managed to score the Yellow Sub plus all 6 of the new Hot Wheels Beatles collection...cost me $45 for all 7 so I'm not complaining...haven't been able to find any others since that I could afford...good luck to everyone