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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Hot Wheels Beatles bins hit US Walmarts next week...

Stay on the lookout, because the Beatles are coming...

Mattel threw out the word that the Beatles bins will hit US Walmarts next week, after they make their debut at the Cirque du Soleil Beatles Shop at the Mirage in Vegas today.

The entire Beatles package includes the 6-car Beatles Assortment with art from the Yellow Submarine, plus the Yellow Submarine itself in basic assortments.  I have no idea if the Yellow Submarine will be in these bins, but the 6-car sets will be.

You will rarely hear this from me, but these 7 models are ALL ABOUT the card art.  I will only open a set if I do a preview here.  If not, they stay carded, and they go into Sterling Protectors.

So start looking, the bins are coming...


  1. While the Cockney Cab and Mini make perfect sense for this line, I wonder why they couldn't have gone all the way with British cars? Jaguar, Aston Martin, Mclaren, Lotus, DeLorean, Anglia, Range Rover...

    1. Good point about the British cars, and would it have killed them to just give us what we want and include the confounded Yellow Sub? Blimey!