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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch D marks the return of the fantastic Dodge Macho Power Wagon...

2016 Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch D at Wheel Collectors
On the heels of Hot Wheels 2016 Batch M, Wheel Collectors has just received a shipment of Pop Culture Batch D.

The theme is Batman & Superman, and I think this is an assortment many of you will be after.  You can see the whole batch at Wheel Collectors:

2016 Hot Wheels Pop Culture Batch D at Wheel Collectors

As always, cool artwork and premium castings, which we are used to with Pop Culture.  The VW Van is back, which is always a hit.  But the most significant model in this batch is the 1980 Dodgo Macho Power Wagon.

We have only seen this model once before, in the HW Entertainment line as a Simon & Simon vehicle.  That remains one of my favorite models in the series, and it has been strangely absent since.

The Macho Wagon was slated for at least one other line, but then mysteriously scrapped.  Maybe a licensing issue, or tool issue, but whatever it was, it has been resolved.  So here is hoping we see this model a lot more.  It will fit in nicely with the Silverados and Texas Drive 'Ems we all love.

So go grab a couple at Wheel Collectors.  I have one coming for sure...


  1. Nice castings, but seriously, HW needs to realize that these castings need more use as regular street cars. I've seen several awesome castings in the Pop Culture line that are let down by their graphics.

  2. I see donor wheels from the Dodge Delivery.. oh the possibilities!