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Monday, June 6, 2016

My daughter has a summer job, and that means you can get some killer models from the Lamley Collection...

Lamley Collection Sale on eBay...
If you follow Lamley on Instagram or Facebook, you have probably noticed that I put a few models up for sale on eBay yesterday.

Right now it is 13 listings, but none of them are slouches.  My "First 46" Hot Wheels RLC BRE 510 #44 signed by John Morton is there.  So is my Vintage Racing 510, also signed by Morton.  I have included some ultra-rare variations too, like the lace wheel Cadillac CTS-V, PR5 Toyota 2000GT (the only I know of), and a set of Datsun 620 wheel variations, among many others.

You can see them all here.  Keep in mind, some auctions end on Wednesday and others next Sunday:

Lamley Collection Sale on eBay...

And I am not done.  In the coming weeks, mainly through June, we will be listing numerous items from the collection.  Lots of rarities or highly desired models, and a lot of extras I have accumulated over the years.

So why am I doing this?

Two reasons.  The first is easy.  I need room.  Cars come in every month, and I need a place to put them without feeling too overwhelmed.  I store some, but I can't enjoy the collection as much with everything in storage.  Having multiples of one thing just isn't an option anymore, and I love my models DLM'd anyway.  So most of my carded stuff is headed out.

The second reason - and the most important of the two - is this is my 15-year-old daughter's summer job.  My daughter just finished her freshman year of high school and has some plans moving forward, and really wants to earn money to do them.  So selling these items is her project.  She is running the listings, organizing the sales, and doing the packing, all for a substantial commission.  She has watched the action on the first items start to move, and yes, she is feeling motivated to earn.  I probably need to make sure she doesn't list the items I want to keep.

She wants me to tell you these models are fantastic, and you need them, so spend away!

So to refresh your memory, here are some of the Big Ticket items we listed:

Hot Wheels RLC BRE Datsun 510 #44/3000 

This is one of the "First 46" signed by John Morton and randomly distributed by Mattel with the other RLC 510s.  This is simply not one signed by John Morton at an event.  You had to be a lucky one to get it.  Numbers 1 through 46 are the only in existence.  This is easily the most unique piece of my collection.  It is time for someone else to enjoy it.

Vintage Racing BRE Datsun 510 signed by John Morton

I had this one signed by John Morton at the Japanese Classic Car Show in 2013.

The rest are all ultra-rare wheel variations, all that I have had for awhile.  Some I really had to debate to let go, but my motivated daughter was convincing, and my thinking is these are better being highlighted in someone else's collection than being stored away in mine.

Once again, they can all be found at the link below:

Lamley Collection Sale on eBay...


  1. £25.00 for postage for ONE model to the UK, REALLY - I have had a case full delivered for less than that

    1. That is eBay. They handle international shipping now. Apparently the models get shipped to them and they ship it internationally. I will see if I can adjust, at least on future lots.

    2. I sell on eBay, but never shipped internationally.

      eBay offer Global Shipping Service, where they have Pitney Bowes forward the package on the seller's behalf. Third-party=More $$$

      At least this forwarding service is integrated into eBay system. I hope it's not forced upon all international buyers & sellers though, that would suck indeed.

  2. Man that lace wheel CTS-V... Thought you'd never part with that.

  3. John,
    Are you and your daughter using the Global Shipping Program on ebay? We had all kinds of issues with that and opted out and do all of the international shipping ourselves for the vintage stuff we work with.

    On another note, best of luck to your daughter on her work. Good experience all around. My kids have been helping me for years and it is a good thing.

  4. That's cool that you're teaching good business skills with your daughter.. sounds like she'll do good! Think I might try to get my son to sell some things on ebay as well to learn about the exchange of money.

    Ahhh.. I remember that Pagani, it was like finding a Super.. glad I have another. I also have one with mixed error wheels.. maybe I should put that one on ebay myself!??!

    I like to bid on the PR5 2000GT or Lace wheel Caddy, but I know they're going to fetch some high numbers! Good luck guys!

  5. I tried to find the skyline with a roll cage. I found about 10-15 skyline zamacs at Walmart but none had a roll cage.

  6. the Pagani for me is a must have. Maybe I should list my roll caged skyline and other errors I have. Off topic but I found some 2003 nos hotwheels at a savemart and thought I should share the story

  7. the Pagani for me is a must have. Maybe I should list my roll caged skyline and other errors I have. Off topic but I found some 2003 nos hotwheels at a savemart and thought I should share the story

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