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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Organization Day: I don't open everything...

...but I open most things.

As the Lamley Organization Day continues.  I had to go deep into the rarely touched part of the collection to put some things away.  That means...gasp...the carded collection.

The carded collection isn't an easy access part of my collection.  It sits in two shallow bins hidden away.  The carded models aren't as fun to photograph, but I am glad to have them.  The DLM'd models?  They stay close.

Anyway, just some proof that there are some models I can't get myself to open.  Mostly wheel variations, some RLC, and of course the John Morton signed BRE 510's.  (Although that Dubble Bubble A100 is biding its time.  It will meet the DLM factory soon...)

Back to work...


  1. A bit surprised that pink HWC/RLC '71 Plymouth GTX hasn't been opened yet.

  2. I always want to leave some pegs closed and hided, but it is stronger than me... Here is my collection.

  3. That MBX police and fire chief are gems but the police is a great representation of what MBX can do with emergency vehicles.