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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Matchbox Land Rover Series has been released in the UK and is available now at Modelmatic...

Find the Matchbox Land Rover Series at

Now how appropriate is this?

If there is any place on the planet that needs to see the Matchbox Land Rover set first, it is the UK.  And that is exactly what is happening.

UK-based Online Dealer and Lamley Partner Modelmatic got their first shipment in, and it is available now.  David Tilley ordered his set and sent in a few pics to whet everyone's appetite.  A full showcase will post next week.

Head to Modelmatic to grab a set, ESPECIALLY if you live in the UK:

Matchbox Land Rover Series at Modelmatic

This set is beautiful:

All original colors and liveries, including the Evoque, which far darker than the basic release:


  1. It only makes sense to release the series to the country that makes the actual cars and where the toy brand was originally made all in the first place. As for the content, I really like the Evoque! Really liking the root beer brown color! Looks like they made a last minute decision on the color. I also like the green Defender 110 and the blue one that I forget the name. Looking forward to it like the last Jeep series.

  2. This is my most favorite series from Matchbox this year. Evoque's color is a pleasant surprise. Looks great. It doesn't have any interior?

    It's great to see the series is out at some part of the world.