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Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Skylines are coming! The brand new R34 from Tomica Limited Vintage is available to order now at Japan Booster...

Tomica Limited Vintage July pre-order at Japan Booster
The July Batch from Tomica Limited Vintage is now available to order from

Hopefully you are getting used to that.  Those that collect TLV know it is nice to guarantee a model by preorder whenever possible, and it has been great now that Japan Booster is providing that service.  You can see the July Batch and order it here:

Tomica Limited Vintage July pre-order at Japan Booster

There are some nice models in this batch, but the R34 Skyline Sedan is the most interesting by far.  In this world full of Nissan R34 GT-Rs, it is not often that you see an R34 Sedan.  But in pure TLV fashion, there is one now, and it looks fantastic.

The police versions are first, and sedan versions come later, but I think the police take the cake for me.  I am very curious to see them in hand.  The Saitama Prefectual Police is the most interesting model in the batch.

After that there are a couple of Leopards, and a couple of Isuzu Hillman Minx.  This is a great batch, so don't miss out.

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  1. The Abunai Deka line will get a 1981 Nissan Cedric (late 430 model just like LV-N112b), while the Tokuso Saizensen line is getting the 430 model Cedric and Gloria which are due for year end releases.