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Friday, July 22, 2016

Kyosho announces a brand new Nissan GT-R set, and it is available for pre-order at Japan Booster...

Kyosho x Sunkus Lottery 02 Nissan GT-R at Japan Booster
The Skylines and GT-Rs keep coming, and I don't hear much complaining about it.

And now it is Kyosho's turn.  They have done plenty of Skylines and GT-Rs in the past, but they have done some refreshes and are now making the GT-R the subject of their second lottery game.

You might remember the first Kyosho x Sunkus lottery.  The theme was McLaren, and those interested in Japan would go to the Sunkus Market and pay for a lottery ticket.  Based on the numbers pulled, they can win one of the standard models, maybe a special 4-car GT-R set, one of two Sor even a radio-controlled car.

Our friends at Japan Booster, however, are going to eliminate the guessing game, and are making all portions of the lottery available now for preorder:

Kyosho x Sunkus Lottery 02 Nissan GT-R at Japan Booster

You may or may not be interested in the radio controlled car, but there are some real beauties nonetheless to pursue.  The Vision Concept is very interesting, and it is nice to see the Nismo versions on the GT-R and R34.

Me?  Get me that 4-car set and I am happy.

Crab them now, as they will go fast in GT-R-happy Japan.  More on this set to come...

And same with the TLV presale at  There are no GT-Rs or R34s in this batch, but a sporty Galant is pretty cool, and damn if that Nissan President isn't a must-have.  You can see them all here:

Tomica Limited Vintage August Presale at Japan Booster

Lots of cool stuff coming...


  1. Hotwheels is not done with Ferrari yet,the 488 gtb and the f12 tdf are new models for 2017

  2. Really digging the Kyosho 400Rs. Not even a fan of R33 Skylines.