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Monday, July 25, 2016

The Hot Wheels Display: 4 down, 20 to go...

Slow process I know, but thanks to your suggestions, I did just DLM four new selections for the wall display.  20 to go...

What do you think of my first four?


  1. - Zamac Ferrari 599XX Speed Machines
    - RLC DeLorean DMC-12
    - Hot Wheels Racing '92 BMW M3
    - Boulevard '77 Pontiac Firebird

  2. beautiful first's few suggestions

    delivery dodge a100 "76" white/red
    delivery dodge a100 "76" blue/red
    dairy delivery luna lu
    rlc drag dairy all 4 colors variation
    rlc texas drive'em / mexico convention texas drive'em

  3. That Mustang and Silverado are sweet. How about the 2012 Racing line blue James Garner Corvette?

  4. Excellent choices....I know you are just waiting till you put the Road Rcrs Greenwood Vette in there...

  5. Awesome! I couldn't resist cracking my Dubble Bubble A100 either!