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Saturday, July 23, 2016

The third color of the Hot Wheels multipack exclusive Datsun 620 has hit Walmart...

Just a heads up to get your hunting cap on.  Time to hunt a new Datsun 620.

Lamley Reader Bob Parslow let us know that he found the black recolor of the 620 at a Walmart in California.  I am sure it will hit at Targets, Walgreens, TRU, and any other store that stocks 9-packs eventually, but be on the lookout.

Bob was nice enough to supply pics as well, and this may be the best color yet.  If the past is any indicator, this is the final color for the model.  We will see...

(Thanks Bob.)


  1. :-) I wanna see the rest of the pack!

    1. Here's one example (ebay only):

  2. Mattel, quit sucking me into your multipacks with these 620s! hahaha