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Friday, July 15, 2016

Visiting the Toy Pimp's room at the Matchbox Gathering...

Another reason to visit the Matchbox Gathering.

If you are on Instagram, and you collect, there is a good chance you are familiar with the Toy Pimp.

If you are not, give him a follow.  And if you are here in Albuquerque, hit room 417.  And if you not here, take a gander at what you are missing:


  1. Wow! Holy crap! That's a lot of diecast! That must've been an overwhelming site! I would want everything! Yet this was all in a hotel room! All those Tomicas though, man!!!! You don't see that everyday! Those Mazda vehicles in the boxes were awesome! Love those Miatas! I think I might have got a glimpse of a CX-3! That's my real life car! I didn't even know they made those in diecast! This may not have been completely Matchbox but boy was that a site! I would've loved to be there! A collectors dream!

  2. What a stach!!
    But the video made me a little nozious ;-)