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Monday, August 29, 2016

I don't buy all the Hot Wheels 5-packs, but when I do, I buy Silverados and Skylines...

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What do you see?  Gran Turismo at Walgreens, Trucks at Target, Matchbox at Walmart, a cat, a _crew, a custom Kool Kombi, calininja's loose finds, another cat, and the Hot Wheels Night Burnerz and Hot Trucks 5-packs.

So me showing the contents is nothing new.  I have already posted about both packs anyway.  And yeah, outside of that fantastic R32 in yellow, there is little to get excited about.  So here are the models I like.  Starting with the R32 to get that out of the way, and then the whole Trucks pack.

If you aren't into the R32, then the Night Burnerz can stay on the pegs, but that Trucks pack.  You NEED the Trucks pack.  Either because you know how cool pickups are, or because you need to learn.

I will claim the Silverado as my favorite, but the Ford F-1 is the big surprise.  As far as I know the first plastic chassis for this one, among a couple of other changes, but a beauty in black with era-appropriate deco.  What a great pack this is...


  1. I'm looking forward to the Trucks pack. I've been looking for that F-1 for a while, but could never find one. This will be my best chance to score one.

  2. The Skyline is sooo hot!! Big shame it doesnt have headlight tampos. Otherwise its perfect.