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Monday, August 8, 2016

The August Batch of Tomica Limited Vintage is small, but it packs a punch...

Tomica Limited Vintage August Batch at Japan Booster
Just a heads up that the August Batch from Tomica Limited Vintage is out, and it looks awesome.

We are used to between 6 and 8 models in a batch, but this one is only four.  Not that they are slouches, though.  There are two Nissan Presidents and two Mitsubishi Galants, and they look fantastic.  You can see them at Japan Booster:

Tomica Limited Vintage August Batch at Japan Booster

The President is the most noteworthy model for sure.  A brand new casting, the President is as dignified and large as its name implies.  This is a sedan for dignitaries, and it shows.

The Galant is different all together.  We have seen this casting essentially before, although the version in Mitsu livery is a new modification of the casting.

All in all, small from a numbers perspective, but a substantial batch to say the least...


  1. Do any of these models require me to assemble anything?

    1. Open the box. I have only a few of the TLV but they are nice.