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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The brand new - and stunning - Kyosho Nissan GT-R Lottery Set is now available at Japan Booster...

Kyosho Nissan GT-R Lottery Set at Japan Booster
So last night I was spending a few minutes photographing some Kyosho models for an upcoming post.  You cannot hold a Kyosho model without appreciating how detailed and beautiful these models are.  I love having them in the collection, especially with the variety of carmakers they replicate.

It looks like the Kyosho collection is going to grow with the brand new Nissan GT-R Lottery Set that was just released in Japan, and is now available at Japan Booster:

Kyosho Nissan GT-R Lottery Set at Japan Booster

The set is chock-full of GT-R's, from the R35 down.  And why is it called a Lottery set?  Because in Japan it is by lottery that you can get a model.  You get a ticket, and in turn you use the ticket to get a model.  I could be from the 8-car set, or even more limited.  You get what you win.

That is why getting the set from Japan Booster is such a great option.  Free shipping too.  Grab a friend, buy a set, and do a lottery of your own if you want.  At least you know you have the models...


  1. Except they're not available now as they're sold out. Which is a bummer.

    I'm hoping he's able to restock in the near future.

  2. They look great. I was waiting for a Nismo collection for a long time. Missed the R33 Nismo GT-R LM and the R32 Nismo GT-R.