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Thursday, August 11, 2016

The MASSIVE "Back to School" Sale at Wheel Collectors begins now!!

Wheel Collectors Back to School Sale
It is that time of year again.  Time for two many photos on Facebook of kids holding a sign with their upcoming grade level written on it.  Time for the toy aisles to clear out for undisturbed peg rummaging (c'mon, you know you think that).  Time for football and new diecast years to reset.

And time for the Wheel Collectors Back to School Sale.

The Back to School Sale has always been one of their most successful sales, and this year will be no different.  They have loaded up on listings, from Hot Wheels to Matchbox to Greenlight to whatever else.  There is a TON there, and it is offered at some of the lowest prices on the web.  Treasure Hunts for just over $1, Classics for under $2, and it goes on and on.  Check it out at the link below:

Back to School Sale at Wheel Collectors

There are over 2000 items discounted, and here are a few that have caught my attention:


  1. Cool photos, thanks for the share!

  2. Cool photos, thanks for the share!

  3. If anybody wants a better price on the 2012 RoadRacers, come see me. I have more in inventory than they do and I'm Canadian (remember, those were Canada only).