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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Surfline is coming. Tomica Limited Vintage perfects the Hako 4-door for the Skyline's 60th Anniversary...

Next year, the Nissan Skyline will be 60.  60!

Man, how time flies.  Contrary to what some diecast fanboys might think, the Skyline was born in 1957, not 2011 on a Hot Wheels blister.  2017 will be a significant year for a significant car.

And how better to celebrate than to see some models released that highlight one of its most iconic - yet most under appreciated - features, the surfline.  Too many surflines on the Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines have been sacrificed for GT-R homages, and too many diecast Skylines have replicated the same.

But that is changing.  Matchbox is releasing its most anticipated model in years, the 1971 2000GT-X, complete with an intact surfline.  And not to be outdone, the masters of stock Japanese cars in 1:64, Tomica Limited Vintage, is releasing two brand new molds, the 1972 GT-X 4-door and 1968 2000GT.

TLV has released a 4-door Hakosuka before, but these two will be different, and based on the pics, slightly more accurate than the previous version released several years ago.  The wheels appear to be a fantastic touch, and all the colors are stock.  Yes, even lavender.

Look for these to be released early in 2017.


  1. as nice as these are - can we please go a week without more JDM or US products, there are so many diecast makers out there, that make some stunning cars that never ever make it to these pages.

  2. Very beautiful models. Unfortunately they cost over 20 euro’s here……….
    @ Jon, name a few brands?

  3. Even as a massive japanese nostalgics fan, the endless arrays of extremely similar TLV's can get a little boring. But these are spectacular! Wow. I love the surfline, and, yes, even sedans. The wheels really stand out to me on these as well. Wow!

  4. had enough of this Skyline shit cant people jerk off to something else?

    1. Ohh Yes, I just had a moment with......