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Monday, September 26, 2016

Case Report: Opening a 2016 Matchbox M Case...

Matchbox 2016 Batch M at Wheel Collectors
That was fast!

Just after we start 2017 with Hot Wheels, Matchbox is putting 2016 to bed.  The M Case is the final case of the year, and there is a definite "save the best for last" feel to it.  It may not be as loaded as some previous cases, and yes, the Skyline has had bit of an overexposure (sorry about that!), but that Volvo though!!!

Wheel Collectors was surprised to see the M Case arrive today, and have all the models listed now:

Matchbox 2016 Batch M at Wheel Collectors

As always, they picked a random case and photographed its contents, 3-by-3.  Did I mention that Volvo?


That Volvo!  Interesting to see the blue Skyline card again.  I thought we would see silver in the M Case.  Maybe later.

Showcases coming...


  1. That's a nice case. If I would be able to get this case only 6 had to be donated to?? (even children would not want them, as I consider this to be true on the full pegs of similar occupying our warehouse)
    The other 18 are YES PLEASE.....

  2. Wow, what a cool case! Volvo, Skyline, 1M (glad they're no longer calling it the M1),F type, Karmann Ghia are all great, I like the UK 'metropolitan police' style livery on the meter maid too!

  3. I love the assortment in this case, so I hope that it won't be underrepresented on the pegs (being the last case of the year and all).

    I did notice that the Cadillac CTS coupe doesn't appear in the case report - will it be an L case exclusive?

    The 'Four by Force' will make a very nice wheel donor - those wheels are extremely underused in the entire lineup.

    That said, I'm fairly disappointed to see a recolour of the Malibu Marauder - it is a notable peg warmer everywhere in my area (Toronto, CAN) in the previous colour, which was in an early case this year, and is still hanging around.

    I'm also quite disappointed to see the Wheelin Wrecker around, and to a lesser extent, the Trail Tipper. While the Trail Tipper may represent something real, the execution is lacking, and the Wheelin Wrecker is plainly unrealistic. Neither model offers nice wheels (or even 4 wheels), so regular customizers won't even pick up a few for wheel donors.

  4. Who's that dude on the side of the Raptor??? I know.. just playin' John!!

    Some cool stuff like those Cadillacs. As far as a Volvo is concerned, wish they would do the new XC90... that thing is stunning:

  5. Well, despite having the last anticipated new casting for the year and having a really nice color on the Bimmer, I'm not too thrilled with the assortment (I know, what else is new?) I've said it before and I'll say it again, WAY TOO MANY GENERICS! Not a good way to end the year! Hopefully, 2017 won't have as many unrealistic generics making the majority of the lineup (I mean hey, the McLaren in the first batch is a good sign!)

    I have to say both Hot Wheels and Matchbox ended their year poorly. Hot Wheels, too much fantasy; Matchbox, too much generics!

    BTW, love the Volvo! At least there's that to look forward to.

  6. Hmm, I need one of those Gold BMW 1Ms.

  7. I'm a bit concerned by the Four by Four: it looks like a generic replacement for the Yamaha Rhino!

  8. I'm a bit concerned by the Four by Four: it looks like a generic replacement for the Yamaha Rhino!

  9. Why do we need a new, generic utility ATV when we already have the Yamaha Rhino? Did developing a generic really cost less than licensing the existing casting?

  10. once again, assortment is off, so many weird small out of scall 4x4 utility things and not enough of the cars that people are looking for. 1 skyline and 1 ghia per box? lame.