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Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hot Wheels Kmart 36-Count Cases are available now for the September 24th event...

Just a heads up for those of you unable to attend the September 24th Kmart Collector Day event, cases are available now on

36-Count Hot Wheels Cases at

I think this is a Q Case, and there are some pretty cool exclusives and first-to-market models.  Other than that who knows what is in there.  I ordered a case, and thanks to my Kmart Rewards account I was able to get free shipping.  Neato.  And you could have the case as early as this coming Tuesday.

Based on how many Kmarts have closed in the last year, the number of us without a Kmart nearby is growing, so ordering online is becoming the best option.  And for those of you in SoCal attending JCCS and interested in the Matchbox Skyline give-away, let's just say attending Kdays would probably not be the best idea.

So go grab a case or seven, and let us know what you find...


  1. Yup sucks that k day and jccs are on the same day...

  2. I am so happy to find out that "Factory Fresh" Cadillac Elmiraj for 2017 will be in pearl white. Love the casting and the color.

  3. Can you use the receipt to get the mailin from Mattel?

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  5. This is the last k-day for me. My k-mart is closing november 1 after nearly 50 years.

  6. I certainly want the black WRX, but don't know if it's really worth the 45 minute trip to my closest K-mart to get one- I think thta's the only one of the batch i'm interested in.