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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lamley Debut: Matchbox 2017 Toy Fair Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 & Leipzig Toy Show BMW M5 Police...

Two big debuts today.

Matchbox already unveiled their 2017 Toy Fair 6x6 on Instagram, and were kind enough to toss one my way for a preview here.  I open it on the video below, and the full feature with photos will be on the blog tomorrow.

But that isn't all.  Today, over in Germany, the Modell Spiel und Hobby 2016 Toy Fair has begun, and former Matchbox Ambassador and Moyshop owner Dirk Schleuer has debuted the exclusive Matchbox Convention Model for attendees: A stunning "Notarzt" BMW M5 Emergency Vehicle.

Dirk handed a couple over to us to preview, and that is coming as well.

Here is the debut video, and both photo features will hit tomorrow.  If you are interested in either, you will have to rely on eBay sellers for the Toy Fair, and Dirk has hinted that the BMW M5 will appear at the MoyShop eBay store soon.

Enjoy the video:


  1. Both of these are 10/10 models. Matchbox at its best, to be honest. I hope the M5 won't be to expensive because I want one!