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Monday, September 19, 2016

Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2016 Matchbox L Case...

It is easily the most anticipated case of the year.  At least it is for me.

The Skyline makes its debut, plus recolors of the Cadillac CTS and Jaguar F-Type, and that Ford Raptor I have been excited about seeing in stores.  I have been excited about this one.

And thanks to A&J Toys the L Case is here.  The video is below, and the showcase is coming soon.




  1. The case came with one Skyline with the Seatbelt, and another without!

  2. Much to my surprise, I went to an indoor Hot Wheels convention center in Orlando and actually managed to find this new batch! I found the blue Caddy, orange Jag, green Ghia, the teal Caddy Ambulance, and, even more to my surprise, I was able to find the Skyline! Hands down, this is the best new casting of the year and the greatest post-golden age Matchbox made!

  3. By the way, congrats on the Lamley-themed SVT Raptor! That's such an honor! Way to go! Keep up the great work! I always look forward to reading new posts on this blog!