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Monday, September 19, 2016

This is the best deal on 48-count Creative Options Cases I have seen in a long time...

Creative Options 48-count Case

(UPDATE: Price was raised, and today, 9/22, it is down to $7.40 again with free shipping on orders over $49.  Go for it.)

I have said before that one of the question I get more than any is "Where can I get those storage cases you use?"

Well, they are called Creative Options Thread Organizers, and right now Amazon has a killer deal on them:

Creative Options 48-count Case

Yeah, $6.50 each plus free shipping.  That is cheaper then when Walmart sold them in the diecast aisle about 7-8 years ago.  I cannot reiterate enough what a good deal that is.  That is why I am buying quite a few.

I have no idea how many are available, nor do I know how long this sale goes, so I would grab them now.  For you loose collectors, this is a no-brainer.

(Special thanks to @ut_rick for the heads up...)


  1. $9.00 and no free shipping :( 7:15PM EDT

  2. Free shipping if you are a Prime member.

  3. $7.41 w/free shipping

    These aren't hard to find on sale at either but right now they're around $9 there.

  4. Create and Craft has them for $5.50 each!

  5. Labor Day sale, I bought a few from Joann's for $5.46 after taxes. Don't have as many open cars as you do, so I only bought 3.

    1. That was a great deal, I picked up 2 during that sale.

  6. Just a heads up, if anyone is looking for a local source for something similar, Walmart has these Plano ones in their hardware section, at least in Canada. They only fit 24 per, but without the cost of shipping, they would be about the same cost.