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Thursday, October 6, 2016

It's Hot Wheels Convention time. What would you like to see?

I have arrived in Los Angeles and am here at the Marriott for the Hot Wheels Convention.

I have perused a few rooms, talked to a few folks, and purchased a few Convention Models.  A little later I will be attending the special dinner for HW Designer Ryu Asada, and after that?  Who knows.

I plan on popping only Facebook Live occasionally to share some of the fun, so stay tuned to the Lamley Facebook Page.  Instagram too.  Maybe I will start with a few DLM's later tonight.  Oh, and a gander at a few rooms piled high in diecast.

If there is anything else you want to see, let me know...

A little treat from the autograph table (Thanks RCR):



  1. eye candy!! those are awesome!!!

  2. Hate the red lines too much $ for a car with plastic tires

  3. That redline Gasser has real riders on it by the way.

    What is that orange alfa...does this mean it is coming to the mainline???

    1. you are right has real riders never heard of real riders redline tires before

    2. hope it too in Mainline :)

    3. Kyle, the Ford Focus RS super from a couple of years ago had redline real riders.

  4. Nice e-sheet on the hands of Mark Jones - See this new VW BUG cast on T-Hunted !

  5. Would like to see the Q&A session and the sneak peaks session.