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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

It's movie mayhem in Hot Wheels 2017 Batch A...

Well, not exactly movie mayhem, more "entertainment stuff" mayhem.

Two new castings and the return of a very popular model.  One from a movie, another a TV show, and that last from a video game.  None of the three will enter my collection, but based on the response to these three, I am in the minority.

That doesn't mean I don't think they are cool.  KITT is pretty awesome, but I already have the FE in the collection.  Still cool to see the interior detail of the first version, especially for those who missed the first version.  The Fast & Furious Charger is the gem of the batch, with it's bouncy shocks.  And the Halo car?  I have no opinion, as I have never played Halo.  But I know a ton of you are really excited about it, so hooray!

Ultimately, models like these don't interest me too much (although the Zamac Batmobile has my attention), so I am showing these mainly for Lamley readers who are interested.  And even though I am not too much of a fan, I am really happy they are doing them.  They have the potential to bring in a ton of new collectors, and I am all for that.  So keep 'em coming.


  1. So has anyone opened the Charger up yet?

    1. I asked him to but no dice. Il probably open one up and post pics!

  2. They nailed the Warthog. THat should count for something, right? At least a nomination for Best Licensed Cast for '17.

  3. The warthog looks kinda cheap and crappy to me, maybe that's just me but johnny lightning did some much better ones for Halo 2

  4. Actually the best Warthog in exact 1:64 scale is the one made by McFarlane Toys in their Halo 3 vehicles line.