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Friday, October 21, 2016

Matchbox keeps it coming with a preview of the upcoming Subaru WRX STI Police...

This just appeared on the @matchboxworld Instagram feed:

This is clearly a prototype, which sports the blue interior used for Mattel prototypes these days.  The color is also what happened to be lying around when it was put together.  The wheels may or may not be the type used on the final model as well.

The body looks good, and the detail is there, although it does appear to sit a little high.  We will have to see when the final version is released.  A very exciting 2017 continues...


  1. Just say it's a rally car outfitted as a police car. Problem solved, haha.

  2. The body is too short in length, and a bit high. The wheels also seem to be large compared to the body. I know this js just a prepro so I hope the final version looks better.

  3. I will say, I'm of the opinion that Subarus should be lifted not lowered. However, the overall casting does look a little off--like it got squished a bit in a couple directions.

  4. It appears chunky, but it also appears that smaller wheels should solve that problem.