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Thursday, November 24, 2016

And here come the holiday sales. Famous HW 2013 Boulevard Batch A, Matchbox Golden Age models are discounted at Wheel Collectors...

Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Batch A at Wheel Collectors
Just a few minutes ago I posted my first feature on holiday gift ideas and deals.

Not 20 minutes later I got a text from Matt & Matt at Wheel Collectors.  They have a few deals going, but they want to let everyone know that they have placed a special discount on the stellar models of Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Batch A - yes, the Datsun Wagon and Hakosuka Skyline.

That means you can get the whole batch, the Skyline and Wagon pair, or the models individually, at 25-30% off the standard price.  These models keep increasing in price, so this is a great opportunity to grab them, and the SALE ENDS TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT:

Hot Wheels 2013 Boulevard Batch A at Wheel Collectors

Yeah, the Datsun and Hako get all the attention, but don't forget the fantastic Renault.  We still haven't seen it since, and those wheels!

But if you already have the Boulevards, you should dig into the Matchbox Golden Age Sale that Wheel Collectors has going on as well.  So many of today's collectors missed out on the realistic gems Matchbox released 10 years ago, and Wheel Collectors has them listed now at 15% off:

Matchbox Golden Age Sale at Wheel Collectors

There is more to come, but jump on these now.  Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. And wheelscalpers at it again thanks to lame group hyping shit up again. Last few years they have been trying to sell the same old crap and it's still around....I wonder why....oh yeah they over price the fuck out of it.

    1. Hey I know your single and don't have a life but do your self a favor and go fuck your self,bitch

    2. Oh is that the best you can come up with? Must be one of the lackeys that put in false bids/buys to wheelscalpers to look like they are really selling this shit so fast.