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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Case Report: 2017 Hot Wheels Kmart B Case...

Aren't I good to you?

Typically I post photo Case Reports when Wheel Collectors gets new cases (C Case coming soon), and then do an Unboxing Video on the YouTube Channel when A&J Toys send them over (C Case coming soon).

But Kday cases I order myself, so I essentially choose one or the other.  I did the video and posted it yesterday, but was very good about keeping the case organized so I could photograph them later.

So for those of you that like the photo case reports, here you go.

Kmart Exclusive Mitsu

Kmart Exclusive Charger

Regular Treasure Hunt Alert

Kmart Exclusive Jag

Kmart Exclusive Dodge Van


  1. The MK7 Golf could have been a great car, but they have ruined it, the dreadful decals, skanky wheels all make a possible amazing car, rubbish, this is one car that should have been stock, or in racing trim, with a number on the door and bonnet, HOW did this get past VW's team i will never know - YES there is the stock Blue one, but thats in a collection thats priced silly, the £1.40 car needs to be stock and soon, before it gets pulled.

    1. Well it's better than nothing, dude.😐

    2. I have one, and y'know, comic shit. Although, the taillights look odd. They look as if they were over painted.

  2. I see that the artwork for the Minecart shows the Minecraft character with a neutral expression on its face as opposed to the "scary" look from 2016. You can bet some concerned parent contacted Mattel and complained the artwork was disturbing their child and they would organize a boycott unless Mattel changed the graphic.

    That wouldn't be too surprising in today's social climate. If one person is offended by something, then the rest of the world would bend over backwards to satisfy that person.

    1. They just picked another character, which was available among other special cards. I think it has nothing to do with being scary, since it's present in the game they probably play.

  3. Too bad this is a exclusive set, I liked the black/brown Charger, and the Lancer, although not being a perfect casting, would look better with the tampos removed.