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Monday, November 14, 2016

Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2010 Matchbox "Golden Age" P Case...

Matchbox Golden Age Sale at Wheel Collectors
So I might have saved the best for last.

After opening a handful of older Matchbox cases provided by Wheel Collectors, I have finally come to the end.  And this one was fun.

Collecting Matchbox Golden Age looks like it is becoming a thing.  At least with me it is a thing.  Thankfully I kept most of the models from that era, but there are still some I am after.  It is Matchbox at its prime.  The bar that all Matchbox afterwards will be judged.  Thankfully they are getting closer.

This case is loaded.  Enjoy the vid, and don't miss the Matchbox Golden Age Sale at Wheel Collectors.



  1. So awesome to see these models un-boxed over 5 years later! Great vid.

  2. ironic you posted this case. Yesterday I found a box in my storage witn many of the models from this release. .

  3. how awesome to see so many REAL models in that case, i just hope that over the next couple of years we get back to this and STAY THERE this time.