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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Lamley Unboxing: Opening a 2017 Matchbox A Case...

On most occasions I do an unboxing on a case that hasn't hit stores yet.  That isn't the case with this one.  Matchbox A Cases have been hitting several Walmarts, and I have come across several of the models at various stores between Utah and Colorado.

But these videos aren't always about previewing what is coming out.  It is also to see patterns, and to see in what direction we are heading.

There is an overall direction many of us are interested in.  Is Matchbox going more realistic?  It seems that the answer is yes.  There are still several uninspiring generics, but the ratio is changing, and there are a lot of desirable models in this case.

The other smaller detail we have been watching case to case is the actual assortments themselves.  Will we get multiples of the more desirable models?  The answer here is a definitive yes, with the '58 Chevy Wagon and Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren getting the multiple treatment.  Judging by what I have seen in stores, those are the two most sought after models, with the Toyota Land Cruiser and green Mini next.

All in all it is nice to see 2017 starting.  It will be a very interesting year.  There is an evolving direction with Matchbox, and there is some very cool stuff coming.  There have been some personnel changes at the orange brand, but designer Abe Lugo is still holding down the fort and designing some true gems.  The Wagon is one, with the Hudson Hornet and Toyota Tacoma coming in the next batch.

For now, let's enjoy the 2017 A Assortment.

(As always, this case was provided by A&J Toys.)



  1. I love this Mercedes-Benz!! I want to have a real one but for now its ok a model :)

    Iron Skillet

  2. Can we start getting photos first before videos? Videos aren't workplace friendly. Its much better to be able to read and look at pictures than to watch a video.

    1. You have always gotten the photo reports first:

      Unboxings are videos and Case Reports are photos. Typically the case reports are first, as this one was two weeks ago.

    2. Ah...must have missed it then. Thanks

  3. Glad to see the SLR back mine is rather tattered!

  4. More of the "look I suck off A&J toys to get stuff free!" Case unboxing!

  5. I hope you have pictures of them. That will look so cool.