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Sunday, November 6, 2016

November 12th Hot Wheels Kmart Collectors Cases are available now at

Kmart Collector Days is less than a week away, so as usual, the 36-count cases are now available online for purchase.

There are some Kmarts nearby, but I don't attend the event anymore, as I much prefer just buying a case myself.  Of course, many of you don't have Kmarts nearby so this is definitely the way to go.  Buying a case also counts towards the mail-in, so that makes it easy as well.

This appears to be a B Case, so my guess is the Mystery Machine is the Super to look for.  More importantly, there are some great exclusives and First-to-Markets:



The Honda is sure to be a hit, but my eyes are on that stellar BMW.  The exclusives will be nice to have too.  Looks to be a little for everyone.

If you buy a case, or attend the event, be sure to report your finds.  Give us a tag on IG...


  1. Some nice pieces, but going from having about four or five Kmarts within a two hour radius to none (including one less than 15 minutes away) in less than a year makes me a lot less enthusiastic.

  2. ROW are getting some of these already. On Friday I picked up the BMW M4 and Honda Odyssey plus the BMW 3.0 CSL and Porsche 934 Turbo RSR (Magnus Walker Urban Outlaw) at a local TRU in NSW Australia.

  3. Keeps saying that it is temporarily unavailable. Been check since yesterday and still not able to order one.

  4. Same here championdjk. Still cant order

  5. Me three! Called and they really did not know what was going on with the website listing.

  6. OuR Kday suked! The Kmart here received no B cases it was all Q cases from last time! Everyone was so pissed!