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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Should we call this the Golden Age of Customs? Just look at these...

Arguing whether or not this is the Golden Age of Customs is probably best reserved for another post. Because this post does not need to get muddied up with text.  You just need to see what I am going to show.

@bjorn_ready was been a mainstay on my As Is the Custom posts.  I love his work, and this Hot Wheels 240Z Custom, just based on its looks, fall in line with all of his amazing creations.

I won't wax on about the looks of this one.  I will just show you that this custom goes way beyond its looks.  Just enjoy this:

And this:

Now watch them again.  I surely have.  Remote Control.  Amazing.

And don't forget the working headlights.

There is absolutely no need to say anything about this custom, other than you should definitely be following his account (there is so much more there), and I absolutely love following all these artists on IG.

Oh yeah and this one too.

A video posted by Tuiautoshop (@tuiautoshop) on

Golden Age?


  1. WOW....looks analog steering as well. Amazing. I'm very impressed.

  2. Wow. I don't even know where to find RC components that small. Amazing!

  3. This guy always kills it. Style is always on point. Never over the top but always cutting edge.

  4. That's actually really cool. Is there a way to make it faster or something?

  5. I believe this is the Age of customs. Look at one of my cars. I've decided to release it to the world to see. Maybe get people to build theirs too:

    Best Custom LED Hot Wheels ever created.