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Sunday, November 27, 2016

The brand new Hot Wheels deep-dish steelies are debuting on the Custom '56 Ford Truck...

In the last post I mentioned I was getting messages from collectors all over Europe that brand new Hot Wheels were hitting.  With those messages I got a ton of pics, and one in particular stood out.

Lucaci Ionut Catalin from Romania (@l.ionut.catalin on IG), part of the Hot Wheels Romania Facebook Group, sent over a few pics of his finds, and the wheels on the '56 Ford look a little different.  So I asked Catalin for some closeups.  Sure enough:

Those are the new deep-dish steelies, which we featured on the upcoming recolor of the Fairlady 2000:

These wheels are a major step forward for Hot Wheels basic wheels, and now we have more evidence of how good they look.  That '56 Ford is AWESOME!!!

The barn find look goes next level with the steelies as opposed to the MC5 or 5-spoke wheels.  It makes this model a must-have, and it takes an almost premium look.

I am looking forward to seeing what is next.  We now now of two.  Lots more to come...

(Thanks Catalin.)


  1. I see they finally retooled this too. Running boards are plastic and part of the base now. Plastic... ehhh

  2. Aswesome! Comes to my collection for sure...

  3. Yay, Ionut - nice one! Seen first @ #HotWheelsRomania

  4. I love these new wheels, I really want the Fairlady 2000 re-color!

  5. I can't believe we are finally getting something like this in 2016 to be honest. Better late than never! :)