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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

The Hot Wheels Target Exclusives are coming...

Finally, Target finally has some exclusives, and they are brilliant.

Hot Wheels announced today on HWC that a set of three exclusives are coming to Target, and they are all, of course, red.

This is a fantastic development.  We have been collecting Kmart exclusives for years now as part of Kmart Collector events.  And Walmart has been doing exclusives for several years now, perfected of late with the Zamacs, which I honestly hope never end.

Enter Target.  Starting with the C Case assortments, Hot Wheels will include 12 red exclusives distributed throughout 2017.  Doing them all in red makes them easy and fun to collect, and I am all in.  No collector number, but the card marks them "Red Edition".

I have always thought there should be a signature to exclusives like this, other than just different colors.  That is why I collect all the Zamacs, and will do the same with the red Target cars.  Plus, using castings like the '55 Gasser make it easy.

Bring 'em on.


  1. Does anyone notice the TH on the '14 Stingray? What?

  2. Looks like it but its not a TH is 1-4 or something its a police car unit number not TH.

  3. I thought it said TH myself and I searched for the 2017 Corvette and it says...
    (DRUM ROLL PLEEEEZE...) 714!!!

  4. good luck finding them all the sellers will be rolling in to Target within seconds of the store opening to take every one love how seller ruin things for the collectors