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Sunday, November 20, 2016

Would you pay $9000 for a Hot Wheels Datsun?

The $9000 Hot Wheels Z Whiz
There are a lot of you that would pay a hefty chunk for a Hot Wheels Datsun.  We have seen numerous Boulevard and Super Treasure Hunt Datsun 510 Wagons sell for a lot of money.  But those pale in comparison to the $250-plus that folks are paying for the RLC and Vintage Racing BRE 510 Sedans.

Needless to say, there are a lot of expensive Hot Wheels Datsuns out there.  But none even come close to the king of Hot Wheels Datsuns, the Redline Flying Colors Alternate Colors White Z Whiz.  It is one of the legendary rarities from the Redline era, and right now if you are motivated enough, and have $9000 burning in your pocket, you can have one.  Sitting pretty in an unpunched card.

I think after several years of doing this blog, it is pretty obvious I know little to nothing about Redline cars.  I will admit the price of this model, and the fact that it is a Z Car, are what caught my attention.

Is it an accurate price?  I have no idea, but it doesn't seem outlandish based on what I have read.  The white is what is considered an alternate color, referring to the different paint used on the line when the original paint runs out.  It is similar to why we get wheel variations today.  You don't stop the line to grab more of the intended wheels.  You just add what is around until more of the original can be brought over.

So the White Z-Whiz is rare.  On the card even more, so this listing is a seldom seen sight indeed.  The seller specializes in hard-to-find Hot Wheels, and the listings he has up now are nothing short of jaw dropping.  You may not be in the market, but it will be fun to watch.


  1. In Jalopnik circles... Crack Pipe.

    Ain't nobody gon' pay fo' dat. At least not me.

    I'm better off buying a real car with that money.

  2. Yup. I don't care how rare it is, it's a Hot Wheels that sold for $1. $50 yes, maybe even $100 on a good day.

    1. That's not exactly how the collector market works. Rare toys can bring thousands of dollars, regardless of the original selling price.

    2. Don't care how the collector market works 9gs for $1 kids toy is insane

  3. $9000 will buy you a real 1:1 Datsun 240Z lol! It would be very helpful if we can have a production number of this car.

  4. It always amazes me that this type of stuff even exists, to think some one bought this 45 years ago, and didn't open it and the card didn't get crushed it truely amazing. I am what I would describe as a casual collector and own several rare Redlines I have paid top dollar for, but $9k for a toy car is pretty crazy. BUT you never know, the price of anything is relative to how much money you have!

  5. That is a bit much, but not surprising, considering how few of these are known to exist in collectors' hands, and of course even fewer carded.

    Anyone that wants to know more, look up info on Flying Colors alternate colors releases. This one is easily the hardest to locate.

    If I had the $$$, I would give the seller a 4-figure offer for sure.

    So many people are all about the modern items, when items like this Z-Whiz are the true gems of HWs

  6. ...different universe to what I live in. I'm just happy being able to find the odd 2017 model. Looking for the NEW Beamer CSL off the pegs.

  7. its disappeared, been removed - so either an outside purchase, or a con in the first place. ?