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Sunday, December 18, 2016

The beginnings of certain robot and bosozoku cars by Tomica Premium, by Jay Kho...

The RTE is back!  Resident Tomica Expert and super car nerd Jay Kho on another two Tomica Premium models to be released recently.  Enjoy...

So what made you start collecting toy cars?  Was it passed on to you by your older peers?  Perhaps you may be reliving your past as a kid.  Showing up your inner kid who loved getting that new toy car by going out and buying a few yourself?  There are so many reasons, but one thing we can all say and agree with, is that you are a car guy or gal.  You don’t have to be a mechanic, a race car driver or know all the cars out there and their specification to be a one, you just have to appreciate cars.  I mean how can you possibly want a certain casting if you don’t actually like the 1:1? 
I collect a certain casting for two reasons.  One is because I truly appreciate and would want to own the real version of the car, or maybe just be able to experience it by driving it.  Unfortunately that is impossible to accomplish, so I settle for the 1:64 scale version.  I remember as a young kid there were two rally cars that l particularly liked, the Renault 5 turbo and Lancia Stratos HF.   So for sure I was going to get the new Tomica Premium version of the Lancia.

And what better way to start off the Lancia Stratos in the Tomica Premium line with none other than its most iconic livery - Wheeljack!  This iconic robot from Transformers Generation 1 is spectacular. Wheeljack is the mad scientist of the Autobots, his wittiness in solving problems and hypnotizing  blue blinking ears as he talks makes him one of my favorite characters.  I mean he is so popular that even Alitalia copied the livery and used it in their rally series.  It was a very successful race campaigned and won numerous events including championship titles.  Wait…I may have had that the other way around, I’m not sure. 

The other reason on why I collect a certain casting, is that I somehow have owned the real version of said car already, and may still have the car in the garage.  That is the case of this Nissan Skyline 2000 turbo RS or DR30.  The real car came first before I started collecting the mini version of it after.  I am glad that TP decided to create the first one of the series with this zenki (early) version of the DR30, which has the nickname New-Man from the late great Paul Newman.  

You might be wondering how come we constantly see Tomica doing so many versions of this particular car.  Here in the States, we gravitate more in the Hako, Kenmeri and the R32-R34’s, but the DR30 has always had a cult following in Japan.  It may have been from the old classic T.V show Seibu Keizatsu or perhaps because it is the grandfather of all bozosoku style cars, the Group 5 Silhouettes.  Hell, the people of Japan even named it the most iconic Japanese car in the 80s, nuts eh?  Till next time car dudes!


  1. As a proud Transformers collector, Wheeljack is one of the coolest and most sought after, and consequently most expensive, of the original Transformers line. Even more so, i believe, as the mold was lost or destroyed so neither Takara or Hasbro will ever do a reissue as they've done with 90% of the other cars. The Masterpiece version by Takara is also a beauty in car mode. Beautiful pics and great post!

    1. I so love robots as much as I love cars, that's why I have been really trying not to buy a single masterpiece transformers, I'm scared lol

  2. I'll sell my soul to get one of those Lancias. I even have a 1:24 scale model kit of one in the same livery that I intend to add a few autobot stickers on. This is still one of my top 10 favorite cars of all time. I'm going to link a YouTube video of professional Ralley Cay ledgends driving these gifts from the automotive gods.

  3. Here's the video. I've watched it many times and still love the way those old pros go full ham on those cars.