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Thursday, December 15, 2016

The mesmerizing detailed customs of @tippityplop aka Tinfoil Hat aka Liam...

I've watched this Instagram video who knows how many times:

I'm not kidding.  I just did it again.  Looped it over and over.  A big bouncy off-road utility truck getting its job done.  And that thing started as a Hot Wheels.

There are so many good customizers these days.  Brilliant both technically and creatively.  And many of them go next level with a particular signature style.  I could create a huge list here of those customizers with their style.  Those types whose customs are identifiable without a name on them anywhere.

@tippityplop of Australia has done just that.  Liam's signature is his custom built chassis and shocks.  The truck above is a great example of his work.  So is this mind-blowing Dodge Truck that started as a Matchbox:

You really have to look at both of these to figure out what model spawned these creations.  Especially since most of Liam's customs are built from scratch.  That model in the pic above being hauled by the Dodge was a Matchbox Land Cruiser:

Oh yeah, and there is this:

Amazing eh?  And for as great as Liam's customs are, what makes his IG account even more worth following is he gives his followers a play-by-play of his builds.  The process is just as interesting as the final product.  Seeing how he figures out and then builds each piece is beyond interesting.

I could add another hundred pics from his IG account, but I will finish with a couple more and tell you to follow his account.  Thanks Liam for letting me share!


  1. In hindsight he should've definitely been part of the Skyline winners circle. I can only imagine wha the would've created with that little guy.

  2. Oh please do make a list of the best unique customisers and resources!

  3. Thanks so much for doing this feature!