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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

There is nothing I can say about the FuguZ that hasn't been said. Other than I think the Hot Wheels version is pretty cool...

I kind of said all I need to say in the title.

The FuguZ, a special project by Sung Kang and a slew of other automotive types like Greddy and Nitto Tire, was easily one of the most talked about cars of the last year.  Blogs and magazines and shows and Leno and social media and our moms and everyone else all has something to say about it.  Just Google it.

Sung hinted at a Hot Wheels version on his IG account back in the day, and further collaborations with Hot Wheels confirmed it.  The FuguZ was coming in small scale.

And now it is here, in the Hot Wheels D Assortment.  It goes by "Customs Datsun 240Z" obviously to allow for future colors and decos, but this was made for the FuguZ.  And how will this release be beat by future versions?  White on white with black trim and rear detailing?  It won't.

So go do your deep dive on Google.  Watch Leno drive it, watch the Sung/Magnus collaboration.  Check out the art.  Look at the photos.  Read everyone's take.  Or just buy the Hot Wheels when it hits soon...


  1. Pair it with the 2000GT!!
    Also, yes, it is indeed a beauty. Voting for 2017 Best Licensed just got even more difficult.

  2. All I can say is "Wow", you can give it Best Licensed Model and Best New Model of 2017 right now.

    1. Not yet. Still lots more cases to go. Like I said, it's difficult.

  3. I bet this guy cums buckets when an new JDM car comes out. I'm sure all this is doing is helping wheelscalpers stoke the fires to charge 20-30 bucks for one lil 99 cent car.

  4. Oh it can be beat. Metal/metal with a white painted base, same detailing, and RRs, either the 5sp or the 4sp. (Or, because it's me and I love nostalgia, Hot Ones wheels would be PERFECT).

    THAT will surpass this one.

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  6. This car is just plain awesome, not just the diecast version, but the real life version, as can be seen by all the love it has garnered. As for a premium or super treasure hunt version beating it, of course it would, but that wont come during 2017. We just have to wait, because those will be coming!

  7. ^^^ What Doomus Said - Metal/Metal/RR - Bring it!

  8. i got error one.. so sad..

  9. I wasn't too sold on it, until I saw it in person an noticed the rear tampo. Sweet little car.