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Monday, January 9, 2017

Fingers crossed! 2017 could be a great year for Auto World 1/64...

2017 Auto World on eBay

You say "Auto World", I think two things:

1) Best 1:64 this side of Tomica Limited Vintage.  Great American car model choices that compliment TLV's focus on Japan and Europe, and comparable quality to boot.

2) I want more!  Store distribution has been spotty at best, and it is hard to complete sets.  As great as they are, I wish they were easier to get.  And I would love to see more assortments.

Of course Round 2 has their hands in Johnny Lightning and Racing Champions as well, but Auto World takes it for me.  Freshly stocked - new - Auto World is such a treat.  I wish it happened more often.

My thought is that Point #2 will improve the more we see new stuff.  Obviously the more we buy, the more likely we will see new stock.  So my admonition to you is to check those AW pegs more often, and don't be afraid to grab a couple.

And open them!!!  The packaging is nice, but you buy Auto World for the models and models only.  They even give you a box to put the models in.

With all that said, Auto World is going to give you reason to look.  They have been previewing the first assortment of 2017, and it is beautiful.

A photo posted by Auto World Diecast (@autoworlddiecast) on

Muscle, wagons, sedans, it all looks so good.  For me though, the treat HAS to be this one:

The '63 Dodge Polara is a stunner.  Totally along the lines of one of those must-haves that TLV throws out occasionally.  I just want to put it next to my TLV stock Skylines.

I did find some eBay sellers who have them all, and you can see both of the first 2017 assortments here:

2017 Auto World on eBay

Who is in on Auto World?

(now excuse me while I go add a few to my displays)



  1. "With all that said, Auto World is going to give you reason to look."

    Not exactly - Auto World is not distributed anywhere outside the US officially, even in places with plenty of interest in their model subjects (Scandinavia, Canada, Germany), nor do they even INTEND to set up foreign distribution.

    They seem to have plenty of trouble just distributing within the US, so I don't have any hopes for them to be distributed well in other countries even IF they did decide to expand.

  2. I completely agree with this Lamley blog on AW. They make a perfect counterpart to TLV models, and have that wonderful double-diecast heft. I may be in the minority, but I am not a fan of putting out more product per year. More new models per year, yes. But I kinda like the anticipation of new model releases over the flood of variations.

  3. Still waiting for a 72 El Camino casting

  4. I am all in. Just bought a case of the new 2017 batch and cannot wait to get them!

  5. Funny fact: I have a model distrubutor in Hungary, Europe who can get all the release. Now I have almost all of them. According to this post I consider myself lucky.

  6. Their distribution problems are well known and well discussed and well hated. Stores have spotty product and hobby online distributors in the US sometimes don't carry AW? RC and JL are little better, though I think JL is best of "a weak" distribution system!

  7. I would love to get that Country Squire. Hopefully they pop up on UK eBay.