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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Lamley DLM: Opening the 2017 Hot Wheels Fast & Furious set...

Part 2 of our Hot Wheels Fast & Furious preview.  The models look good on the card, but even better out.

Enjoy the video, and as always many thanks to Mattel for providing these models for preview.  Photos coming this week...


  1. I'm a little unimpressed with this set to be honest, I'll buy the MK1 as I love the casting (and the real thing) but that's about it.
    I'm sure the F+F fans will buy them all as well as the various other ones in different scales that Mattel has released recently.

  2. Supra and 911 stand out most. Looking forward to getting tgis srt soon.

    Btw, the Subaru was used in the scene where they parachute their cars out of a plane to rescue Ramsey.

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  4. Well I think they should just make a Vin Diesel line. Imo he s behind the cars in not just this frachise but all his movies involving cars. XXX had some badass rides and I'm sure the next instalment will also. He seems like a car guy so why not. Also why not go to Tim Allen and Jay Leno and do reps of their collections. Why stop at Gas Monkey go to Counts Customs to. Were ever there are cars go get them. That is what this hobby is about not generic crap. Some is ok but again this morning skipped right by HWs pegs because too much junk to sort through. Stuff falling with my first touch of the peg. That was enough for me. Went to the MBX pegs and grabbed a dozen or so. I am so enjoying the MBX selection more than what HWs is putting out. Don't get me wrong HWs have some great stuff out and some coming but much Michelle re junk that just makes it frustrating for me to touch the pegs. Mattel are you listening?????

    1. I'd love to have the purple GTO from the first movie. The Shelby Cobra concept from State of the Union would be great, too.

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  6. good set, I like the Roadrunner and the s2000, and the supra is bittersweet, good casting. They should have don't the blue skyline from F4 cuz weve seen the silver one twice already. Still a great set tho, better than some others weve gotten before. but there are many that we still haven't seen yet. From F1: red ford pickup, red Rx-7 and white Jetta. From F2: red/orange rX-7, blue Camaro, orange challenger, possibly the yellow viper. From Tokyo: NEED the orange Rx-7, the gold 350Z, tan Monte Carlo. F4: blue skyline, han's orange pickup from the beginning of the movie, mia's black acura from the end of the movie. From F5: doms matte grey charger, brains classic black skyline. from F6: flip car, brains blue GTR, interceptor, and the white 69 mustang! theres tons from F7 like the hypersport, doms silver charger, lettys challenger. Keep making new ones!

  7. Thank you for the preview..excellent... can hardly wait 2001felix

  8. Where is
    Rocks Truck from FF5
    Zenvo St1 from FF7
    Challenger from FF7

    1. All would have to be new tooling, but there's definitely no harm in asking.

    2. Challenger hot wheels has done
      It just needs the acecessories

    3. Oh yes, I'm aware that they've done the Challenger, just not with the necessary add-ons...

    4. I don't think Hot Wheels will make the Gurkha truck from Fast 5, that's Matchbox's style (they did do the International MXT from Furious 6). And what Zenvo are you talking about? Do you mean the Lykan Hypersport? As for the Challenger, they can use the Challenger Drift car as thats the closest to the green one that Letty drives.

    5. I got the Lyman and Zemvo mixed up

      And the non Ute Gurkha is badarse
      Hot wheels would make it look vicious

      The drift challenger would work but needs the obvious paint job etc

      What other cars haven't they done?

      Why not the Evo and Silvia from Tokyo Drift

    6. The Lykan would fit well in a
      "World's Fastest Cars" 5 pack

      Bugatti Veyron (with SS paint job)
      Koenigsegg Agera
      McLaren P1
      SSC Ultimate Aero TT
      McLaren F1 Gtr

    7. Pagani Huayra is faster than both P1 and F1 GTR.

    8. McLaren F1 was the world's fastest car for 15 years+
      Huayra isn't as fast