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Friday, January 6, 2017

Variation Alert (again): Hot Wheels BMW M4 with MC5 wheels...

A few days ago I reported on Andrew Hoffsomer's find at Target in Oklahoma.  Since then a few more folks have reported finding the blue Hot Wheels BMW M4 with lace wheels at Target.

Andrew was even kind enough to send me one, which I opened on Facebook Live today:

Well, put another on the list.  Hot Wheels D Cases are now hitting Walmart, and a few of you are finding another wheel variation on the BMW M4.  Like Dietrich Hess:

Yep, now MC5 wheels.  If you are completist on this casting - like me - you better get hunting, or you better get trading.  Dietrich reports the two MC5 wheel variations he found were among a sea of standard J5 BMWs, so every indication is that both the MC5 and lace wheel variants will not be easy to find.  Only time will tell.

For now, get hunting...



  1. Thanks man! Glad to share some info :)

  2. Interesting, but no tears shed here if I don't find it. I would like one with the lace wheels though...

  3. And the eBay sellers have them listed for almost 80 bucks! Good job lame group cause a BMW wheel variation should be that high in price!

    1. As if it's the fault of this website that eBay sellers are marking up variants. Cue eye roll.