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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Hot Wheels Entertainment "Halo" is now out at Wheel Collectors

Hot Wheels Entertainment Halo at Wheel Collectors
The Hot Wheels Halo set is out.

That is about all I can say.  I know absolutely nothing about Halo.  Never played it, don't know the characters, nuttin.  But I do know the game is popular enough to merit a whole set of premium vehicles from Hot Wheels.  And Wheel Collectors has it:

Hot Wheels Entertainment Halo at Wheel Collectors

The only thing I know about this set is that it is in the Entertainment line, four of the models were created for this set, and they are HEAVY.  My contact at Mattel said the quality and weight of the models is what he likes best about them.  Good to know.

If Halo is your thing, my guess this set is a must have.  And considering Wheel Collectors has them discounted at the moment, it might be time to jump.  Or shoot, or whatever.


  1. I'll be sitting this one out. I can't hate on this, because I respect the frankly impressive variety that HW is churning out with the Entertainment series, but this one's not for me.

    The Warthog on real riders is pretty cool though...