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Friday, February 3, 2017

Lamley Unboxing: Opening a Hot Wheels G Case...

So how do you value a Hot Wheels assortment?  The number of collectable models in the batch or the quality of the collectable models in the case?

Either works.  You might not collect all 72 models in the G Case, but with the Porsche 934.5 inside, there is a good chance you will be happy about that one.  I sure am.

So here is the G Case Unboxing, done last night as soon as it arrived from A&J Toys.





  1. The Dragon Blaster is another Regular Treasure Hunt re-color

  2. the bmw being in a forza set is kinda stupid considering the car made its world debut in granturismo 6...

    That being said the granturismo set missed out , the Renault megane trophy was GT 15th anniversary car in game , and alot of fun castings are also in the series..

  3. Lame case, only the Porsche and BMW are getting me excited.

  4. I like this case a lot better that the last, the 32 Ford, Porsche, Kafer and some of the trucks will be on my shopping list.