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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

This is a big pile of diecast

This is what my office looks like right now.

Since moving to a new house last year, I have wanted to bring my new office back up to the standard of the last.  That means blue walls to contrast nicely with my white Carney displays, and even more display space.

I have also added an area to shoot YouTube features, and while I loved my Matchbox store display as a background, it just took up too much space.

So I am finally tearing things up.  It means a good time to organize a very unorganized collection as well, so that comes first.  And it is taking forever.

One day this will be done, and I hope it looks nice.  I have a couple of new displays coming from Carney, the walls are getting their makeover, and hopefully things will look nice.

That means things are a little disorganized for a bit, and the blog output might be a little slower.  Thankfully I have some previews from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, and Auto World, plus a few other features.  A finished a few videos before taking things down as well.  So stay tuned.

And let's be honest, "organizing" just means time to play with my toys.


  1. I have a love/hate relationship with organizing my collection.

  2. Organizing is always a challenge. Especially if you keep adding to a collection.

    I do know a good home for that store display if it goes up for adoption. ;o)

  3. This is why i dont open everything you end up with a mess

  4. To me hot wheels and matchbox should be played with

    Mini cities etc

    If I had the money time and Mattels workmanship
    I'd create a custom car world

    1. I have a track i use i for hot wheels.I dont open matchbox as of now when i get a display case i will.

  5. The real problem is, you have so many good cars that there's no rubbish to keep in the background. You only get the best so the competition is hot. Great problem to have if you ask me.

  6. Need to paint one wall orange. ��

  7. Organizing will be easier with less cars. Donate me =)