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Friday, February 24, 2017

Wait Wha!?! Some of you who ordered the mail-in Hot Wheels Datsun 510 might be in for a surprise.

This Instagram post has been making the rounds the last few hours:

Kudos to @da_collecta for keeping things positive, but yeah, I'd be a little annoyed.  Maybe very annoyed.

I have to imagine the demand for the Kmart mail-in Datsun 510 maybe higher than any mail-in before it, and there has been concern that Mattel was prepared for it.  I have no reason to think they are not, but when someone opens a box expecting Datsuns and it is full of the upcoming Walmart mail-in Toyota, that would be the concern.

Apparently it was a mixup.  Mattel uses the same distribution system for all mail-ins, and things got messed up.  And more than a few of you have gotten the Toyotas instead.  I have two coming, so we will see what I open.  (Maybe I will do it on Facebook Live.)

Nonetheless, Mattel has said they will correct it.  I am not speaking for Mattel by any means, but those who have called have been told that they will send out a shipping label to shop the Toyotas back, and they will replace them with the Datsun.  Annoying to be sure, but at least the problem is being corrected.

So don't fret.  But grumble a bit, because you should.  This mixup isn't cool.  But your Datsuns will arrive.  Eventually.



  1. Could it be that since they did all cars in sequent number and got confuse.? The datsun has a number 2. And toyota a number 1. It might be just that a misunderstanding and a confusion by the distributo

  2. #ScalpersAreReallyMad
    Lol.... Won't be able to flip them for 400% markup as fast now. I love it!

    1. Agreed

      Oh well hopefully those scalpers get all depressed suicidal and die

  3. Mailed off for mine on 2/16/17. Got mine today (2/24/17) and it was Datsun/correct.

  4. If Mattel had good customer service, they would let you keep them and send the 510's for your troubles. It probably costs them more to ship them round trip than to produce them.

  5. hahahaha spend 20$ on cars you dont want to get a car you dont want classic

  6. It would be the first time I'd be so disgusted by this casting. lol

  7. All those scalpers who bought 15-20 to flip them must be pissed af now. Or did they rage quit already?

  8. Ooooah ouch that's gotta hurt. I'd be annoyed if I were expecting a 510 and got a pickup.
    I'm waiting for something special with the Escort casting. I have the four basic variations and the F&F. Is there a RL or RR version?