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Monday, March 13, 2017

Hot Wheels Batch G & the first Zamacs of 2017 are hitting.

I am sure many of you are already aware, but keep your eyes open for Hot Wheels Batch G hitting Walmarts now.  And that means Zamacs.

Our friends to the north in Canada have already been enjoying the fruits of this batch, and there are many.  Three Zamacs - not the most exciting, but Zamacs nonetheless - and the highly anticipated Porsche 934.5 and recolor of the Datsun Fairlady 2000 Roadster.

And if you are lucky, one of the best Super Treasure Hunts of the year, the Chevy C10 Pickup.  There is a lot to like in this batch for sure.  As always, leave a few for the next person, and enjoy what you find.

Get out there and hunt!


  1. We have all those in Canada for weeks now... There so many up here they are peg warms or dump bin left overs ... very scary

  2. Found those on Saturday, no supers though.

  3. This batch of ZAMACs is extremely disappointing. ZAMACs are literally the only diecast that I'm a completist about, but the Zotic and tooned Charger are really going to put me to the test.

  4. None in Chicago, None, you know, not railroads, trucks or trains ever come to chicago apparently. And where the hell is E and F cases, nothing here since December.

  5. Hardly any E or F cases seen here in Southeast PA either. Targets & WM's still can't clear out their late '16 pegwarmers.