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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

I have no reason to put the Hot Wheels Milano and orange FuguZ together, but I did anyway.

Well, they both debuted in the H assortment, so they have that going for them, which is nice.

But that is the only connection I can make with these two.  Well, other than both will garner a fair amount of interest with collectors.  The orange FuguZ, or officially, "Custom Datsun 240Z", will follow in the footsteps of its white predecessor and fly off the pegs, and the Milano is curious ship from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

So call it collector curiosity.  Not much I can say about either.  I know the Milano is named after Alyssa Milano, Star-Lord's - and every other boy from that generation for that matter - boyhood crush.  The model comes with a cool stand, and made of a lot of metal.  It has some weight to it.  My guess is this was planned for the H case to correspond with the release of the sequel.  (That is profound in-depth info you can only get here.  You are welcome.)

The "not the" FuguZ?  It keeps the FuguZ logo on the card, named after Sung Kang's 240Z, but the casting starts its new life as the Custom 240Z.  Nice to get a plain recolor, because methinks many future versions will be full of side designs and logos.

So there you go you curious collectors.  Two models to look for in the H Case.  More coverage to come.

(Many thanks to Wheel Collectors for sending these models over.)


  1. The Milano won't appeal to everyone but I am personally a fan, I think the design is awesome

  2. Wow! Damn that looks good in vintage datsun orange.

  3. Does anyone know, did Sung choose the color for the second release?

  4. Nice combination! I can't find either one of the FuguZs in my area. My hunt continues....

  5. Ah, so that's where the Milano got its name from? I thought it was named after the cookie.

  6. Great, so another Datsun I'd love to have that I will never see on the pegs.