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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Time to go nuts. The next four LOADED months of Tomica Limited Vintage are now available for pre-order at Japan Booster.
Popping in to announce a change at the Japan Booster website.  A cool change to be sure.

Due to popular demand, they are now offering pre-orders on Tomica Limited Vintage several months in advance.  That means is one of the models to be released in May has caught your fancy, you can secure it now before it is released.
Previously, pre-orders were available only on the next month's release, so this is a nice change.  And a great time for Japan Booster to do it, because starting in March, the TLV releases are loaded.  Toyota Supras, City Buses, Hakosuka Skylines, Porsche 911's, and the five big new releases, the Honda Prelude, Atlas Flatbed Hauler (with extending bed - see below), Mazda Cosmo, R33 Skyline Autech, and 2017 Nissan GT-R.

For those of you keen on using the eBay store, it isn't going anywhere, and all these models will be available when they are released.  But this new preorder system does make things pretty easy.


  1. Except for the fact the pre-ordering for the Atlas flatbed is already gone. I've waited months for that one!

  2. I admire these for being superbly well-done examples of iconic Japanese's just that I don't have an emotional attachment to Japanese cars...which isn't a knock at all, just a personal preference.

    Now having said that, that Nissan flatbed is REALLY cool. I really have a thing for models that allow you to put loose, sometimes completely unrelated 1/64 vehicles together in interesting ways. Flatbeds are always a lot of fun in that regard. And as always, the bus is super cool, just WAAY outside my price range.