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Monday, April 10, 2017

Hmmmmmm, this is interesting.

A new Instagram popped up a couple of weeks ago, and then this popped up today:

#majorette will be coming back to the United States with a great selection of vehicles this summer. Stay tuned for more information 5/1/2017

A post shared by Majorette United States (@majorette_united_states) on

Majorette's appearance at TJ Maxx and Marshall's stores has been widely talked about among collectors, but I have to imagine this is something different.  I assume this new IG account will be where the news hits, so give it a follow.


  1. Sweet! I hope the prices will be decent and cars offered will be good so that their return becomes successful and other manufacturer will come to the US too.

  2. ...And now is the time I regret paying so much for the Gran Turismo set.

    1. You too? I paid $50 for mine. Bought from Germany on evil bay.

    2. Just so happened to find one on Ebay for $45-in the U.S.

  3. About time! Hope these aren't the bigger size Major's though.