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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetuskey unveils his new '67 Custom Firebird.

One of the highlights of the Hot Wheels Sneaks Presentation was the unveiling of the small scale replica of Hot Wheels Designer Brendon Vetusky's '67 Pontiac Firebird.

It seemed only a matter of time.  Those who have attended the Hot Wheels Convention in LA the last couple of years have probably seen the real thing, and it is truly a treat.  Brendon, like many of Designers, is a true grease-on-your-hands car guy, and is responsible for building this Firebird, in both 1/1 and 1/64.

Brendon even brought a early EP of his bare-metal beauty to Pittsburgh, and it looks awesome:

Brendon is responsible for a lot of Hot Wheels gems, from the iconic '55 Gasser to one of my all-timers, the '72 Gran Torino Sport.  Add this to the must have lists.


  1. Something tells me this car will be a T hunt Super T Hunt Rlc Car and will be featured in every single promotion ever done to death

  2. Maybe the picture, but the car from the door back looks weird, like a pro-mod version of a Firebird

  3. Wheels are too big, hope it comes with a hood that only partially exposes the engine, like the real one.

  4. This casting would be killer with the Cool Classics silver color used on the Ford GTLM and Datsun 240Z, and with the retro slot wheels used in that line.

  5. This looks like it would go well sitting next to the recent Cougar race car and Chevelle race car...they all have that mean, lowered stance and modified look.